This has got to be the number one FAQ. I am a Pro Domina, a professional Dominatrix. I am NOT a prostitute. I am NOT a call girl. I am NOT a stripper. I will NOT engage in any activities outside the Dominant/submissive dynamic. So the answer is NO, I will NOT have sex during a session.
I must insist that you be completely honest with regards to your kink. After filling out the booking form you will be instructed to read The Rules, which are listed on My webpage. These rules are in place to ensure the session is drama and problem free.
This lifestyle may seem glamorous and it is but it takes lots of work to maintain. If you've ever sat back and admired the shoes or clothing a Mistress was wearing then you should understand the high costs associated with maintaining wardrobes, footwear, photoshoots, makeup, etc. In essence you are enjoying what another slaves/subs have contributed. Yet you would rather waste My time than pay for it.
My home base is located in New York City, USA.
Absolutely, hence the name International Pro Domina. I travel to the following countries: France, Italy, the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Dubai, Beruit, Greece, Turkey, Qatar, Russia, Croatia and Czech Republic. Be advised you as the host will be responsible for all of My travel expenses, five star accommodations and My daily tribute. 50% will be paid at time of booking and the balance upon arrival.
What I wear or don't wear during a session is NOT your concern.
My tribute may seem higher than most but it has been specifically set to reflect the years of experience I have amassed as an International Pro Domina. I will however offer discounts for sessions that run multiple hours or use multiple Dommes.
To offer such a session is a joke and a waste of both Our/our times...so the answer is NO.
Yes, I offer multiple hours as well as overnight, weekend, week long and month long sessions. Please review the Tributes section of My webpage for more details.
Yes, I offer a "Dinner & Dungeon" package that consists of 1.5 hours for dinner and 1.5 hours of playtime.
Absolutely, this is an excellent way to gain the attention of a Mistress. My wishlist is available on My webpage.
Absolutely, I love a thoughtful boi who actually took the time to view and purchase a gift from My wishlist. For obvious reasons any gift that is to be consumed should be shipped directly from the store; wine, chocolates, caviar etc.
Yes, outcalls are accepted if the guest is staying at a five star esestablishment. The name given at the time of the booking must match the name of the registered guest. My transportation to/from your hotel is also your responsibility. Be advised there is a two hour minimum on outcalls to hotels.
I work with a group of highly capable and skilled Dominatrixes called the NYC Collective of Dommes. Please feel free to view their gallery photos on My webpage. Once you've chosen the two Dommes, you will proceed to the booking form to schedule your session.
I DO NOT use drugs and drinking during a session is a no no. I have however been known to enjoy a glass of champagne with a boi during the holidays or on My birthday. Please be sure to check My wishlist for My favorite champagne and blended Scotch. I will end a session immediately if I determine your intoxication is putting Me in harms way.