Each session is skillfully planned and designed so that the pleasure and satisfaction of your chosen Domina is of the utmost importance. Tremendous time and effort is taken so that you are left with an unforgettable and premiere experience. The time spent with a client is based on quality NOT quantity. Therefore one-hour sessions are not offered to first time kinksters. BDSM sessions start at 90 minutes or two hours. Be sure to inquire about OUR one-hour “extreme spanking session” and OUR cross dresser “all girls” weekend getaway.

Hourly, overnight and weekend sessions are available at OUR Upper Manhattan lair. Tributes are accepted in US currency only and will be presented at the start of the session. Tributes paid via credit card will be processed in advance. Overnight sessions are 12 hours in length with 6 hours of total playtime. Weekend sessions are 24 hours in length with 12 hours of total playtime.

Dinner & Dungeon Package

A “dinner & dungeon” package includes a two-hour dinner at the restaurant of MY choosing and a two-hour BDSM session at MY lair. For your convenience WE also offer a “lunch & dungeon” package. The tribute does not include the cost of the meal and is paid in advance via PayPal or credit card. A completed session application must be submitted online.

Phone and Skype

Phone sessions are scheduled in 30-minute increments. Please consider adding additional time when booking a phone session, especially if you require extensive discipline and training. Phone sessions are paid via credit card or PayPal and are scheduled in advance. 24-hour notice is required to cancel a phone session; otherwise you will forfeit your tribute. Canceled sessions must be rescheduled within 48 hours or tribute is forfeited. Life is filled with “ups & downs” therefore a 5 minute grace period is given to late callers. After 5 minutes you will be considered a “no show” and the tribute is forfeited. Calls from blocked numbers will NOT be accepted.  A completed booking form must be submitted online. Phone sessions can also be booked through link below on

Countess Dionysus – NiteFlirt

Skype sessions are scheduled 48 hours in advance utilizing 30-minute increments only. Please consider this when booking a Skype session, especially if you require the stern guidance of a Mistress. Skype sessions are to be scheduled and paid in advance via credit card or PayPal. 24-hour notice is required to cancel a scheduled Skype session; otherwise you forfeit your tribute. A 5-minute grace period is given to late Skypers. After 5 minutes you will be considered a “no show” and the tribute paid will be forfeited. A completed session application must be submitted online.

In-Person Session

In-person sessions can be scheduled using our booking form or by sending an email.  Please complete the following form to request a session with one of the Mistresses. Emails should be addressed using either the full name of your desired Mistress, Ma’am, Lady or Mistress.  Impress your Mistress by composing an email that is well written, thoughtful and concise. One word and one line emails will be deleted. As will any emails containing slang or vulgarity.

Booking Form

Please consider all these options before planning time away from your office or home. A completed session application must be submitted online. Sessions and training are held at Level22, OUR discreet and private lair in Upper Manhattan, NYC.

Session Cancelations

Canceling a session is never wise or acceptable.  However, it is understandable that “life’s ” issues may dictate the need to reschedule a session. If you must cancel, please do so in a timely manner and be sure to express your apologies by visiting the “Gift List”.