The Rules

The following rules will help to establish a problem and drama free session. Throughout the session you will respect and accept the FemDom relationship by addressing your Domina as Ma’am, Goddess or Mistress. It is your job to see that all of HER needs are met, to keep your Goddess smiling and to serve HER tirelessly without complaint or reservation. Failure to follow these rules will result in the immediate termination of the session and forfeiture of the tribute.

RULE 1: Sexual contact is forbidden.

RULE 2: We Do Not conduct scenes partially or fully nude.

RULE 3: Respect the Dommes.

RULE 4: Demonstrate good manners and proper etiquette during the entire session.

RULE 5: Keep your head bowed and remain on your knees unless directed otherwise.

RULE 6: First impressions are everything, so be sure to arrive on time.

RULE 7: Respect the space and it’s contents.

RULE 8: We detest odors, arrive well groomed and/or shave your genital area.

RULE 9: Wash hands & rinse mouth using mouthwash and cup.

RULE 10: We will Not engage in black mail, real or otherwise.

RULE 11: We Do Not engage in excessive screaming or yelling scenarios.

RULE 12: We Do Not conduct sessions based on racist or ethnic abuse.

RULE 13: We Do Not engage in wrestling or fighting scenarios.

RULE 14: Do Not arrive to session intoxicated.

RULE 15: Wipe down sink & toilet after each use.

RULE 16: Only fetish shoes and gear are worn inside session area.

RULE 17: No cigarette smoking is allowed in the lair.

RULE 18: No illegal drugs.

RULE 19: No video/audio taping without approval.

RULE 20: Mandatory deposit required.

RULE 21: Proof of double vaxx or negative Covid test.