Dirty Little Secrets…

Do you have a foot or stocking fetish? Are you interested in owning a piece of intimate attire worn and used by a member of the NYC Collective of Dommes? These lovely Mistresses have compiled a delicious collection of used, soiled, worn and sweaty items for sale.

Items include worn stockings/pantyhose/tights, soiled gym socks, dirty slippers, used tissue, worn thongs/panties, used lipsticks, wads of chewed gum, worn heels/shoes/sandals, spit, used open botton girdles, garter belts and “caviar & champagne”.

All items are vacuum sealed and mailed in a plain airtight bag and shipped
discreetly to your PO Box, business or home.

Please direct your inquiries and special requests to the Mistress of your choice.

Limited quantities are available!

To purchase used & soiled panties email