Dirty Little Secrets…

Do you have a foot or stocking fetish? Are you interested in owning a piece of intimate attire worn and used by a member of the NYC Collective of Dommes? How about sleeping on a used pillowcase that cradled your favorite Goddess’s head while She slept? These lovely Mistresses have compiled a delicious collection of used, soiled, worn and sweaty items for sale.
Items most requested include fingernail & toenail clippings, foot dust, worn stockings, tights, pantyhose, soiled gym socks, dirty flip flops, used tampons, used toilet tissue, worn thongs or panties, used lipsticks, wads of chewed gum, used Q-tip swabs, used high heels, sneakers, boots, slippers, bras, sandals, used Kleenex, spit, used open botton girdles, garter belts, used pillowcase, used bed linen and “kaviar & champagne”. If you do NOT see a desired item on the above list please do NOT hesitate to ask about it’s availability. 
All items are vacuum sealed and mailed in a plain airtight bag and shipped 
discreetly to your PO Box, business or home.
Please direct your inquiries and/or special requests to the Mistress of your choice.
Limited quantities are available!
To purchase used & soiled panties email